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livin_toronto's Journal

Living In Toronto
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.01. Update ONCE a week. If you miss by a couple days its understandable, but if its continuous then you will be cut.

.02. No OOC drama! If I hear about drama outside of the characters, and its really bothering our roleplayers then you will get kicked out.

.03. Must have an aim/aol name for your character, and you must be online atleast a few hours out of the week and on the weekends.

.04. If you're going to not be able to update for a while please let one of the mods know so we don't cut you.

.05. You must have an active journal for your character in this rp only.

.06. Characters can be held for no longer then 24 hours! However, just because the character is held does not mean you'll automatically get them. If someone else applies I will wait until your application is in and choose who I feel would be the better candidate for that character.

.07. You can play up to 3 characters if we think you can handle it. Anymore then that you'll have to take it up with us first.

.08. Before you apply please have a first entry up. Give some background info on your character. Show us your best work and what you could do with this character and what we have to look forward to. Also, in the application, where it says "Did you read the rules?" Answer with: "Emma was a vegetarian until she had Jay's meat"

.09. No Killing off your character. If you decide you want your character to go into a pregnancy storyline or drug abuse, take it up with us first. Also, Alex is a lesbian and chances are she won't get back with Jay. Paige is a bitch, she wouldn't backdown if someone was insulting her. Sean isn't emo or goth, nor does he have peircings or tattoos. Emma isn't a slut. Manny is a slut, trying to not be one. Toby is a geek, no changing that.

.10. You must be 15 or older to apply.

.11. Comment on everyone's journals. You dont have to even like the person your commenting, just do it.

.12. Have an entry up in your journal when you apply.

.13. This community is myspace optional. Some characters have a myspace, but you don't have to make one.

.14. If you have any questions contact one of the mods.

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We are starting our community off at the begining of season six. All of our characters are coming back to degrassi from summer break, starting their school years off fresh. Whether it be at college, or in our favorite drama filled school. So, Emma is still with Peter. Sean just got back from Wasaga. Manny is with Craig. Marco's moving in with Dylan. We are NOT going by the episodes, unless you want your character to. Our community is totally a free write, free storyline community. Just as long as it doesnt get out of hand.

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Playing: Katrina Fenesch itsjust_katt
Character Aim: Xx Onebigmystery
Personal Aim: Kill x the idolz

Playing: Ellie Nash not_ur_star_el
Character Aim: Chick 0n Sticks
Personal Aim: Vintage x0x0

Playing: Jay Hogart candibanditjh
Character Aim: obscenenotscene
Personal Aim: skittlesxrayn

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The Application

Please apply here

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6 girls
5 boys


In school
2 girls

Emma Nelson
AIM: dazzled emma

Manny Santos
AIM: singtome x lover

Out of School
1 girls
3 boys

Craig Manning
AIM: Awickedboyx

Ellie Nash
AIM: Chick 0n Sticks

Jay Hogart
AIM: obscenenotscene

Marco DelRossi
AIM: Marcosgayhats

Sean Cameron
AIM: Badass Sean C

Original Characters
4 girls
1 boys

Delaney Grey
AIM: dee layy knee
PB: Sophia Bush

Faith Evans
AIM: faith h8s you
PB: P!nk

Katrina Stanton
AIM: xx onebigmystery
PB: Christina Ricci

Lucas Scott
AIM: lucashatesclowns
PB: Chad Michael Murray

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Bold is who we want most, italic is who is held and strike out is who is taken

[[[Also, we're not taking anymore original characters until most of our main degrassi char's are taken!]]]

Alex Nuñez
Angela Jeremiah
Archie 'Snake' Simpson
Ashley Kerwin
Caitlin Ryan
Christine 'Spike' Nelson
Craig Manning
Danny Van Zandt
Daphne Hatzilakos
Darcy Edwards
Derek Haig
Dylan Michalchuk
Eleanor 'Ellie' Nash
Emma Nelson
Gavin 'Spinner' Mason
Hazel Aden
Heather Sinclaire
James 'Jimmy' Brooks
James Tiberious 'J.T.' Yorke
Jay Hogart
Jesse Stefanovic
Joey Jeremiah
Liberty Van Zandt
Manuella 'Manny' Santos
Marco Del Rossi
Matt Oleander
Mia Jones
Paige Michalchuk
Peter Stone
Sean Cameron
Toby Isaacs
Terri McGreggor
Tracker Cameron