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Application Post

Welcome to livin_toronto! This is where all of you lovely people will reply with your applications. Remember, you must have read the rules, and finished your first entry before applying! ♥

Just copy everything in the box and then paste in to a comment.

The Application

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<b>Your Name:</b>
<b>Your Age:</b>
<b>Your LJ:</b>
<b>Your Aim:</b>

<b>Character Name:</b>
<b>Desired PB:</b> <i>[If your not playing a Degrassi Character]</i>
<b>Character LJ:</b>
<b>Character Aim:</b>
<b>Character Age:</b>
<b>What is some experience you've had (other names):</b>
<b>Brief History of your Character:</b>
<b>Have you read the rules?:</b>
<b>Why should you be accepted?:</b>

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Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that starting today, this community is closed until Sunday night.

We've been active for about 6 months I think and we've already covered like everything. So, now it's everyone's chance to start fresh. If you will like to stay as your current charcter, let me know. Also, promote to your friends so we get new people in here!

If you do not comment to this by Saturday night, your character will be dropped and added to the list of available characters. Also, even if you comment here, please apply again, that way we still have all of your information in the new application entry.